Refits and Rebuilds

Sometimes, the best way to get the craft you want is to buy an existing vessel and refit her. And of course, after time, some boats may need work to keep them in commission. The Arkin Pruva Shipyard has the facilities and capabilities to undertake refits and repairs ranging from minor works to a full refit. You may want to return a boat to her original condition or strip a yacht down to the bare hull and completely rebuild the systems, engines, and interior. Just about anything is possible. In fact, adding entirely new decks and overall length extensions are not that uncommon. Whatever your requirements, at Arkin Pruva we pride ourselves on the ability to provide a truly bespoke service whilst always paying obsessive attention to pure craft.


A completed refit work for Arkin Pruva Yachts. Removing of old underwater hull fiberglass sheating and applying of new layers, construction and installation of new bulb, local paint repairs, deck outfitting, propulsion system rebuilding, new exhaust systems, update on engine room piping systems and other minor updates.

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A substantial refit work done by Arkin Pruva Yachts including complete fairing and paint on hull&superstructure, new teak decks, new upholstery and ceilings, complete renewal on electric and piping systems, installation of new generator and engine room fire extinguishing system, installation of new windows, deck outfitting, new navigation instruments and wheelhouse panels, new deck furniture on main deck and flybridge, new pantograph door on superstruture, new hatches, new stainless steel stanchions and railings.

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Refit works of Ceylin is still ongoing including interior, paint and deck outfitting.

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The latest refit project for Arkin Pruva Yachts, Levantin will be our guest until the beginning of 2016 summer season for some maintenance and repair work.

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