Pure Craft

Beauty is nothing without balance. Form is nothing without function. Build is nothing without precision. At every single stage of design and construction, we exercise the most rigorous controls. For instance, it can take over twenty coats of varnish to seal exposed wood. Attention to detail, dynamic design and superb expressions of engineering are at the very heart of our builds.


To us, wood is a living material that tells many stories. We see them in its age. We realise them through its grain. We are transfixed by its colour, and when shaped and formed, its touch. The utmost respect is shown at every stage of working with such a sublime and singular material: from the traditional tools we use, to the many, many coats of varnish we apply, our sole aim is to bring these stories to life in the most expressive, beautiful and memorable way. And rest assured: all our woods are sustainable and come from trusted, well-established suppliers.


Durability. Finish. Tensile strength. There are many qualities we look for in our choice of steels, alloys and metals. We use only the optimum grades for each specific purpose. We polish every exposed surface by hand to produce a mirror-like finish. We continually strive to make burnished stainless steel surfaces reflect the bright, liquid essence of the ocean itself. Flowing lines and languid shapes combine to highlight each yacht’s intrinsic design.


We buy our leathers from only a select handful of tanneries and suppliers from around the world. Chosen for their grain, suppleness and depth of colour, they are fashioned into the most sculpted, refined pieces imaginable. Double stitching, often done by hand, is incorporated throughout. Naturally should you wish to incorporate textiles rather than leather, we can furnish you with your choices.
The only thing that comes as standard in the finish of any living space, is our attention to detail.


Up-to-the-minute software as found in the automotive and spaces industries helps shape our yachts. Advanced modelling and analysis techniques allow us to create an unparalleled synergy between classic materials and state-of-the-art technology. Our team of in-house engineers has been hand-picked for their unparalleled knowledge, passion and drive. Forever curious and steadfast, they are always looking for the ultimate way to realise the purity of each commission.

Surface Finishing

We take our cues from those artisans who create the most exquisite pieces of furniture. Like them, we sand wooden surfaces by hand, talking many long hours to get the level of finish that we demand. Coat upon coat of the most resilient and translucent varnish is then applied to ensure the natural beauty of the wood is matched only by its durability and sea-worthiness.

Quality Testing

Our belief in ‘pure craft’ is manifest in every aspect of the build journey: from the initial pencil lines to the second the yacht’s bow touches the ocean for the first time. And our ultra rigorous quality-testing programme ensures that exemplary levels of quality are attained at every critical point along the way. Extensive evaluations and gruelling sea trials ensure our craft are as close to sheer perfection as possible and can therefore match up to the most demanding of expectations.