Tempus Class

The Tempus Class is a range of classically influenced yachts that draws inspiration from the great ‘J’ Class yachts of the Thirties. The epitome of distinction and dignity in yachting, the ‘J’ Class is huge in nostalgic ambience, but arguably limited in user-friendliness for modern cruising. Hence the Tempus philosophy: class of its own. Created by Humphreys Yacht Design, it is spiritually close to its forebears but has been developed to satisfy the most demanding contemporary lifestyle requirements.

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In The Tempus Class, we have embarked on creating a yacht born of a singular ambition: to capture the spirit of the pioneering days of The J Class, whilst equipping the craft with the most up-to-the-minute technologies, refinements and design features to make it fit for today’s lifestyles. The Tempus is equally at home under the starter’s pennant or simply cruising the world’s oceans.

Unique Commissions


The 37m all weather motor sailing yacht, Daima, is a new interpretation of a performance ketch with a lineage that goes back decades. The owner required the craft to perform exceptionally well under sail, to be large enough to entertain a big family and to have ample space and luxurious touches throughout. Grace, flowing lines and comfort are all inherent in the craft’s DNA. It’s high-tech rigging and sails allow an agile performance that far surpasses that of similar yachts whilst inside, the sumptuous interior lifts this ‘stand out’ yacht into a classification of her own. Since her launch in 2009, Daima has won the Bodrum Cup outright on three separate occasions.
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Designed by Ed Burnett, this 83’ schooner is an epoxy cold-moulded world cruiser. Built in teak and composite materials, Shindela is a family yacht capable of handling the world’s oceans with ease. Her hull lines provide a good turn of speed and she has exemplary stability. The vessel has been built again without compromise throughout; from the highest specification of equipment, systems and engineering to the classically appointed interior. With reverence to the golden age of schooners, Shindela is testimony to the master boat builder’s craft.
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