Pure Craft

We do not mass-produce our yachts; rather they are hand-built, using traditional methods and materials such as sustainable woods, steel and aluminium. Our team of designers, engineers, technicians and craftsmen have been hand-picked for their passion, commitment and skill.

We champion the artisan. We laud the engineer, and, by working seamlessly together, we strive to build timeless yachts that have a purity of form and a precision of build that makes them so highly coveted.

Unique Commissions

Arkın Pruva takes pride in working with world-renowned designers. By harnessing their skills and vision, we ensure the experience of building a yacht fully realises the owner's requirements and preferences. You will see this manifested in previous commissions Shindela and The Daima, which were created to specific individual briefs.

We cater for interiors, exteriors, the rigging or complete design of a vessel so whatever your needs, you can be sure they will be fulfilled. Whatever your dream, whatever your individual tastes, we will customise our design, build and furnishing processes to create your ideal craft. Our sole ambition is to ensure you achieve yours.

Refits and Rebuilds

Sometimes, the best way to get the craft you want is to buy an existing vessel and refit her. And of course, after time, some boats may need work to keep them in commission. The Arkin Pruva Shipyard has the facilities and capabilities to undertake refits and repairs ranging from minor works to a full refit. You may want to return a boat to her original condition or strip a yacht down to the bare hull and completely rebuild the systems, engines, and interior. Just about anything is possible. In fact, adding entirely new decks and overall length extensions are not that uncommon.

Whatever your requirements, at Arkin Pruva we pride ourselves on the ability to provide a truly bespoke service whilst always paying obsessive attention to pure craft.